Understanding Elderly Rehabilitation and Tips to Cope with Caring for Aging Parents

Taking part in the care of an elderly friend or family member can be an incredibly rewarding experience. It can also be a challenging time, for everyone involved. The dynamics of a relationship can change when you become a caregiver and elderly loved ones can resist, or even resent, care efforts when they feel their independence is threatened. So, how do you make caring for aging parents a positive experience for everyone?

How Do You Cope with Caring for Aging Parents?

When you play a major role in the caregiving for an aging parent or loved one, it is important to understand the challenges and opportunities. There will be stressful days and days that fill your heart with happiness. The balance of caring for yourself and caring for a senior, as well as potentially caring for young children, is difficult to manage. As you work to cope with caring for aging parents, here are some proven tips to keep in mind:

Concentrate on the motivation, not the behavior. Aging is a complex process, both physically and emotionally. If your parent is refusing to try something new, to accept a limitation or to listen to advice, consider asking why. Listening is the most valuable tool you have as a caregiver.

Pick Your Battles. No one, of any age, enjoys being pressured into doing something. When you are dealing with safety or the health of your loved one, it may be worth digging in. However, it can relieve stress on everyone to let the small things go.

Make a Plan. When caring for aging parents, no one should go it alone. Take the time to research and understand the resources available. Get to know your parents’ care team and open up lines of communication with the medical professionals involved. Ask questions about the future and what you should prepare for.

What is Elderly Rehabilitation?

There are many health conditions to watch out for when caring for someone in their golden years. When an elderly loved one is recovering from a serious illness, surgery, an accident or a health setback, it helps to utilize geriatric rehabilitation services. Rehabilitation centers for seniors offer a variety of services and the top care facilities, like Crystal Pines Rehabilitation and Health Care Center in Crystal Lake, Ill., create unique care plans based on the individual needs of each resident.

Facilities that specialize in geriatric rehabilitation are equipped to conduct multiple therapies. The most common forms of rehab for seniors are:

  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Rehabilitation psychology

The goal of any form of rehab is to help the patient recover lost functionality and regain strength and independence. Specific goals for each patient will depend on the person’s care plan. At Crystal Pines, each patient has a plan that supports the patient’s needs. From regaining communication skills to improving muscle strength and balance, the daily care and each therapy is designed to help your loved one recover as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Choosing the right rehabilitation center for the elderly after a hospital stay or surgery gives your loved one the best chance for a brighter future.

Who is Responsible for an Elderly Parent?

Some elderly patients are hesitant to enter a rehab facility after an illness or surgery; they would rather go home to their beds. So, can a patient refuse to go to a rehab facility? When it comes to decision-making and health care, who is responsible for an elderly parent?

When it comes to who is financially responsible for an elderly parent, 30 states in the US currently have filial laws that require adult children to financially support their parents under certain conditions. At this time, Illinois is not a state with a filial law.

If an elderly person is combative and refuses to participate in his or her own care, it can be a great strain on the caregiver. When it comes to making health decisions or deciding on living arrangements, there are some options. If an elderly loved one has executed a power of attorney health care proxy, the person named can make decisions for the health and safety of his or her loved one. However, when possible, it is best to allow seniors to make their own decisions based on the type of life they want and the goals they set for themselves.

Choices and Opportunities

Because we are committed to supporting your recovery, your goals, your lifestyle and your independence, our experienced team at Crystal Pines collaborates with you to create a recovery and rehab plan. Our Medical Director oversees the progress of all patients while you enjoy our therapy room, our healthy meal plans and our many opportunities for socialization.

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