Crystal Pines resident, Vince Corrado

Resident Spotlight: Vincent Corrado.

Vincent Corrado has lived at Crystal Pines Rehabilitation & Health Care Center for more than three years, and he chose our community for its quality long-term skilled nursing care services. Prior to living at Crystal Pines, he lived in another area rehabilitation center after he suffered a massive stroke. He was discharged back to his home and quickly realized he needed more help. His sisters helped him in the decision-making process to select Crystal Pines. He said, “It was not a hard decision. I came to terms that I needed help on a daily basis.”

In addition to stroke rehabilitation, our community offers 24-hour skilled nursing care, advanced wound care, dementia management, infectious disease care and respite care.

Vincent lived in Wauconda, Illinois with his mother who recently passed away. He said, “The massive stroke and my inability to take care of myself led me to Crystal Pines. Recovery was really hard, and it took some time for me to get to where I am. They are all patient here and helpful with me.”

Vincent himself enjoys helping others. “I like having friendships, and I like to help with anything friends need, anything.”

Crystal Pines Changed Vincent.

“I love the people and the staff here,” he said. “The care is genuine, the staff is naturally caring. I know everyone and they all know me. I enjoy the company of residents and I participate in almost every activity that’s available. I like the festivities and all the events – especially the events with music. I used to be very shy before I lived in Crystal Pines. Something changed me, something molded me. I can easily see the good in people.”

Before moving to Crystal Pines, Vincent loved riding his motorcycle. He also enjoys camping and nature. “I am single, so I had all the time in the world. It was really hard to accept not being able to do those things again, but I am more than okay with that now,” he said. “I still love music and always will.”

Vincent is very proud of his sisters. “My sisters were there for me when I needed them most, and they always will be. I’m proud of my family.”

If he could name one thing he wanted the world to know about him, Vincent said, “I always try my best!”

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