Crystal Pines resident, Maryann Restelli

Resident Spotlight: Maryann Restelli

Maryann Restelli started out as a resident of our LOTUS rehabilitation center two years ago and then transferred to our health care center.

“My family was impressed how warm the staff are at Crystal Pines,” she said. “Everyone was helpful and attentive. They answered all our questions. Crystal Pines was the consensus for my family and we never looked back.”

Maryann said family has always been paramount for her. “I love my family most. It gets you through every time! It is my family that I raised that I’m most proud of.”

Some of Maryann’s Favorite Parts of Our Lifestyle.

“It feels like home. I feel safe, happy and comfortable,” she said. “Everyone works with their hearts on their sleeves. Jim, the administrator, reminds me of my kids – he’s easy to relate to. The staff is great and pays a great deal of attention to the residents’ needs.”

Friends describe her as loving, witty and funny. She is currently president of the Crystal Pines Resident Council. “I’m a voracious reader,” Maryann said, “and I like games, activities, coloring, coffee and donut events. I also like using the internet. There are activities to enjoy at Crystal Pines at all times, which I love.”

Maryann’s Family and Background.

Maryann grew up in Palatine, Illinois and lived in different states, including Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania when her husband was in the Navy. When they moved back to Illinois, she worked in the dietary department of another senior living community in Woodstock, Illinois for 20 years and said she had a great experience in the senior living community.

“I have a great, supportive family,” Maryann said. “I have three children and six grandchildren. I’ve always been very family-oriented, so I miss the days and holidays when my grandkids would come and I would cook for them. Now that I live here (and stay so busy), seeing my family once in a while is more than enough to keep me happy.”

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